Take Advantage of 4D v18 Today!

4D v18 is now available! Footprints can help you upgrade to this latest update of the 4D platform. Some of the exciting changes that come with 4D v18 include:

  • Increased performance
  • Built-in encryption tools
  • Operate Server in Headless Mode
  • More Commands to Implement Better Features
  • Project Mode code structure for Better Deployment Options
  • 4D for iOS

Whether you have tried to stay current, or have intentionally held back from upgrading, Footprints' extensive knowledge and expertise with 4D will bring your 4D application up to date.

So, which version of 4D are you upgrading from?

Currently at 4D v17?

The transition from 4D v17 to 4D v18 should be relatively smooth for you. Even so, Footprints can examine your source code for compatibility with today's operating systems, and recommend updates and enhancements that will help you extend the utility of your system.

Currently at 4D v16?

Now is a great time to start planning and evaluate what it will take to bring your system up to date with 4D v18 for compatibility with today's operating systems. 4D v16 is an older 32-bit program and will not run under macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur!

Although 4D, Inc. no longer supports 4D v16, Footprints will continue to support customers who rely on 4D v16 as best we can in the OS's your system was developed for.

If your system is more than 10 years old (i.e. started life before 4D v11), there will likely be aspects of your system that will need to be updated given the way in which 4D has evolved over the years. Footprints can help you work through those extra hurdles. Certain coding techniques used in these older versions may need to be modernized.

Using an older version of 4D?

You don't have to discard your investment! Footprints can help you evaluate the benefits of upgrading to 4D v18. Footprints can also help you assess the best way to migrate to newer platforms, if that is where your vision is leading. As 4D experts, we can ensure critical logic survives regardless of the path you choose.

You can Trust Footprints with your 4D Upgrades

Footprints, Inc. offers extensive experience in 4D development. We've been working with 4D since version 1, and have partnered with 4D all along!

Our development staff includes a highly skilled mix of youthful and seasoned developers. We plan to be around for a while!

With 4D, we are frequently able to provide solutions in a more cost-effective manner compared to our competitors. Furthermore, we can readily incorporate web-based solutions and mobile solutions into the mix for a complete system meeting all of your needs.

We like to encourage a little cautious patience before jumping to just-released software. But if you are a bleeding-edge push-the-envelop fast mover, we're here to back you up!

Click here for a comprehensive list of Footprints' services as they pertain to the 4D platform.

Ready to take the Next Step with Footprints?

Contact Us and a member of our experienced team will get in touch with you! Be sure to let us know:
Which version of 4D are you upgrading from?
Which platform (macOS or Windows) do you use?
Do you operate client/server, web, or single user?